Party or Country Shame on those who set the wrong priorities

Politicians have to serve their country not the party they belong too. That`s a matter of course. But look around in real politics, you often find the opposite.

The core right of every parliament is the budget right. You should think that every parliament unanimously defends itself against this, if this right is to be repealed by presidential decrees. But what does happen in US Congress and Senate ? Many GOP lawmakers seem to think: We have to support Trump`s decisions, even if it means an apparent violation of parliamentary rights. Are they not committed to the Constitution and have to protect the rights of Parliament and the citizens ?

Or let’s take the Brexit chaos. Theresa May had started with the promise to deliver a withdrawal agreement that corresponds to the will of the voter and the interests of the nation. The vast majority of Leave voters expected an agreement that meant staying in the Single Market with some limits of free movement.

Instead of heading for this goal Mrs. May draw again and again red lines to pacify hard Brexiteers among the Tories. She denied cross party agreements about Brexit negotians at an early stage to avoid a civil war in her own party. Result: She failed to deliver an acceptable withdrawal agreement and so she brought her country to the brink of a ruinous development.

Two examples of a dangerous road leading to political disaffection with parliamentary democracy of many voters. We urgently need lawmakers and politicians who put interests of their voters and cross party agreements above party tactics or this road will lead to a disastrous end!

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