Happy Birthday German Grundgesetz

On May 23, 1949, the Grundgesetz, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany came into effect. By the way, I myself was born 5 days later and I am happy and proud having lived for all these years under this Basic Law which is widely regarded as one of the best constitutions in world. And that happened only few years after Nazi regime had smeared the name of Germany with unparalleled crimes. Fortunately, Germany was liberated from this criminal regime by the victory of the allied troops in World War II and we had the chance for a democratic new beginning.

The preamble of the Basic Law says: In consciousness of their responsibility before God and the people, animated by the will to serve the peace of the world as an equal member in a united Europe , the German people have given this Basic Law by virtue of its constitutional power.

The first articles of the Basic Law declare the inalienable rights such as human dignity, free development of the personality, equality before the law as well as freedom of belief and of conscience.

It is a beautiful and meaningful coincidence that the elections for the European Parliament begin just on the day on which the German Basic Law is 70 years old. EU was the best guarantee for sustainable peace in Europe. A united Europe as a strong part of the free world can serve the peace of the world. Europe is our future !

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