Saving Lives Is Never a Crime ! Letting People Die Is!

Matteo Salvini calls himself „Il Capitano“, captain and leader of the Italian nation, instead of choosing the self-designation „Il Duce“. Perhaps that would have been too obvious, or perhaps he simply had too much reverence for the Fascist leader Mussolini to take over his title. Salvini loves to pose in police uniform, same as his idol Mussolini. Sometimes he appears that way in parliament, even though he has not been in police service either today or in the past. Salvini incites hatred and racism, he would like to introduce special shop opening hours for migrant shops and special train compartments for migrants.

Carola Rackete, the German captain of Seawatch3 wants to save lives in the in the Mediterranean Sea. Since rescue operations have been stopped by European countries and the EU, private people and organizations have taken the initiative to save at least a few from drowning. Since important ministries in the Italian government are occupied by racists and fascists, these people are threatened with prosecution, if they bring rescued castaways into Italian waters. I know, there are people, who say, sea rescue services are to bring the rescued persons to Libya. If those who say so, pretend there would be a safe harbor in Libya, they are either very badly informed or they are liars. According to a decision of the European Court of Human Rights a return to Libya is contrary to European law. It is a very superficial argument to appeal in this context to new Italian laws . The people, who hid Anne Frank, were breaking the law, the people, who killed her, were following it.

I don`t know, how Italian courts will decide on a case-by-case basis. But I know the judgement of history.

Shame to „Il Capitano“ Matteo Salvini ! Honor to Captain Carola Rackete !

Vergognati, Capitano ! Viva La Capitana !

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