The West, as we knew it, no longer exists. But it would be fatal, if an era of isolationism began now.

About 30 years ago, the Eastern bloc collapsed and the Cold War era came to an end. But many hopes, it would start now a new time, characterized by Western liberalism (End of History) have not been fulfilled. On the contrary. The world is more in disorder than before.

Look at Russia. The first response back then to the victory of liberalism: Russia acted as though it would play the same game as the West from now on. They built a Potemkin village that looked like democracy, in order to reduce the pressure, in the difficult transitional period, for the West to demand political reforms that would have jeopardized the thoroughly corrupted privatization of society.

But since the beginning of the new millenium amazing things are happening: the invasion of Georgia, the occupation of the Crimea, the poisoning of people living in the West, the intervention in Syria. Russia seemed to behave as if a new Cold War had broken out. Russia had decided to beat the American hegemon with its own weapons, to tear the mask off its face, copying its dubious, vile foreign policy. The meddling in the US elections 2016 was part of this play. It was an attempt to show how fragile and vulnerable the democratic system is.

„America first“ is now the slogan of the US government. It does not mean that America wants to regain its old leadership. America first means: We only care for ourselves now. Because we are exploited and cheated. Do whatever you want, and we’ll raise the tariffs anyway. Trade war with China, tense relationship with Germany, almost friendly dialogues with various tyrans worldwide, are further aspects of the new US policy.

Trumps message is, there are no win-win deals, there will always be winners and losers, and of course he thinks, he will be the greatest winner. But Trump gives the wrong answer to failed illusions at the end of the 20th century. The failure of a dominant US world politics already began at the 2003 Iraq war. It finally became obvious when Obama drew a red line in the Syria war, but did not act when it was crossed. So today we are experiencing a world in which the US is constantly losing influence in both, military and trade clashes, and at the same time, international conflicts and tensions are becoming more and more.

But a world that is ruled by the ideology, everyone is the rival of everyone, will never be able to meet the challenges of humanity in the 21st century. It is a fact that the dangers of the climate crisis severely threaten the existence of civilized human life by the end of this century at the latest. No country – no matter how powerful it may be – will be in a position to tackle it just by itself.

Climate change is a compelling reason that the countries of the old West, the US and Europe, find constructive cooperation with other powers in the world. There must be global cooperation on this issue and on other things a peaceful coexistence between the various power blocs of this world. Global coping strategies of the climate crisis are the decisive challenge of our century. We will do it together or we will perish together!

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