A legitimacy crisis looms that could threaten the very foundation of the US political system

Fore more than 100 years ( between 1888 and 2000 ) in the US presidential elections the nominee was elected US President who got as well the majority in the electoral college as the majority of popular vote. In 2000 and 2016 it was different. George W. Bush was elected in 2000 with a backlog of 543.816 votes and Donald Trump was elected with a backlog of 2.868.686 in the popular votes. This is no accident, it is a dangerous development. I´m pretty sure, the Democratic nominee in 2020 – whoever he will be – will get the majority of the popular vote, but I`m not sure if Trump isn`t reelected in spite of this.

It is a known fact that the American electoral system is the oldest democratic system in modern times. More than 200 years old, it is of course outdated. For a long time that didn`t seem to be a big problem. But in recent decades, both globally and in the US, it has been noted that the proportion of the population living in metropolitan areas is increasing. The electoral system of the US favors smaller states. An elector from Wyoming f.e. represents 192k people, an elector from California 719k people.

A similar development applies to the majority relationships in the senate. By 2040, 70% of Americans will live in the 15 largest states. That means 70 percent of America will be represented by only 30 senators, while the other 30 percent of America will be represented by 70 senators. That`s a dangerous tendency.

A democratization agenda would not be impossible. We could do away with the Electoral College and gerrymandering, pass proportional representation and campaign finance reform, make voter registration automatic and give Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico the political representation they deserve. But I´m afraid, politicians who fear for their power, will do everything to prevent this. That`s why it important to MAKE AMERICA A REAL REPRESENTAVIVE DEMOCRACY AGAIN !

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