Why I am fed up with Facebook

Beware of Facebook

You might think it’s just my personal problem. But there is a much greater danger behind it. My Facebook account was deleted without warning and without giving reasons. At first I thought it was a small technical problem and followed the link where you can allegedly claim this to be unfounded. I wrote four detailed and polite emails there: I am not aware of any guilt. I have never been warned by Facebook or even temporarily blocked. I have never committed a crime and have never been convicted of one. I am a 70 year old honest citizen who has used this social media platform for years under the terms of use. I got the same meaningless answer every time, it was found that I „was not authorized to use Facebook“. An expert I interviewed said I was probably running into some algorithm. I write to Facebook Germany by registered mail and explained the facts. In response I received that they were not responsible, Facebook Ireland was for all of Europe. I had a lawyer write to Facebook Ireland. Till today no answer. Now I’m fed up and Facebook is not important enough for me to put up with a lengthy and paid legal battle.

I have now found that my Instagram account, which I have hardly used for years, has been blocked due to an alleged violation of the rules. Now, of course, we are facing a much more fundamental problem, namely the abuse of economic power and a quasi-monopoly on Facebook worldwide. Facebook has more than 2 billion users, Instagram at least 600 million, WhatsApp 1.2 billion users, all one company. They trade our data worldwide. We have no control over it. Referendums and elections are decided, partly by using data sold by the Facebook group to disseminate fake news. Facebook also places political advertisements during election campaigns without ensuring the slightest control over their truthfulness or legal admissibility. IT’S TIME TO BREAK THE POWER OF FACEBOOK if we don’t want to accept unforeseeable dangers for our democratic societies. The same also applies to other overpowering Internet companies.

I will continue my work without and against Facebook. For my friends I can still be reached via my Twitter account Lothar Birkner and WordPress: lotharbirkner.wordpress.com and of course via email lotharbirkner@yahoo.de additionally (as long as it still exists) via WhatsApp Lothar Birkner +49 171 4836576 or for Germany 0171 4836576. I am happy about every contact.

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