A simple logic: If you don`t want Trump, vote blue, no matter who

Nobody knows at the moment who will be the Democratic Nominee for President. After a few weeks or at least months we will know. Then the pivotal question will be, if the fans of the politicians, who are running now but are not nominated, will support the nominee.

Will we possibly make the same experience as in 2016 ? Many Bernie voters felt betrayed and drew the conclusion it would be better to vote for Trump, for a third party candidate or just not to vote. We know the result. In 2016 some people thought expressing frustration at the ballot box this way would do no harm, because Hillary would be elected anyway. This year nobody will have this excuse.

Some people say Bernie is to far left, others say Pete is to unexperienced and still others don`t want to have a billionaire in the White House. Okay. But you should ask yourself, if you compare anyone of the gallery above with Trump could he/she be worse than him? If your answer is no, you have no choice.

Go to the ballot box and vote for the Democratic Nominee, whoever he will be !

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