Whoever Kills the Innocent

Looking for a novel as well exciting as thoughtful?
Try this this:

Sandy`s life swung out of its hinges on 9/11. Her father was killed in the rubbles of WTC.
She joins the Secret Service to fight terrorism.
Her way leads to Europe, where Al Qaeda plans a terrible attack against a nuclear power plant.
During her investigations she meets some German cabdrivers and makes friends with them. They try to thwart the plan of the terrorists.
The friends experience together many dangerous situations. Some of them are captured by terrorists and finally seem to be on the threshold of death.
The story has many dramatic escalations and unexpected turns. The reader can enjoy exciting entertainment, but gets the impetus for thoughtful consideration too.
Sandy´s development leads her to deep truth:
you can debate for a long time what is right and what is wrong. But no one has the right to impose by violence a supposedly correct form of government, be it socialism, be it a theocracy, or be it western democracy. Violence will kill the innocent and whoever kills the innocent kills his own soul. Or say it with a sura of Koran: “Whoever kills an innocent person, it is as if he has killed all humanity” and
„Stick to those who seek the truth and become suspicious, if someone tells you, he found it.“

The first novel written by Lothar Birkner in English language.
You find it as paperback or e-book