The End Of World War II And Its Legacy

There will be the 72. anniversary of the end of WWII in a few days. Myself I was lucky to be born in the aftermath of WWII in a free Germany. First of all I am grateful to the Allied Powers that defeated Hitler-Germany. I would have never had the chance to grow up in a free and democratic country without this victory.

12 years of Nazi dictatorship ended, the results of those years were the Holocaust and millions of people lost their lives in WWII,  Germany was devasted, as you can see at the picture above, and many countries in Europe suffered from destruction. 

Myself I feel the commitment to stand up against any possible dictatorship, racism and war, wherever they are looming again. The overarching goal is peace. But an important message we should learn from that time is this: It makes no sense silently accepting violations of Human Rights in other countries and nourishing ruthless dictators by following a so called realistic line of policy.  I know, historical if- questions cannot be answered. But nevertheless I ask, if the democratic and free nations of world had tried an early containment of Nazi regime within its first 3 years, if there had been a worldwide early outlawing of Antisemitism, wouldn’t an other historical process have been possible? Maybe. But we don’t know. Instead of this all participants cheered Hitler at the Olympics of 1936.

As a young man, when I visited a KZ first time, I vowed to stand up against any racist movements in world from the beginning. Therefore I raise my voice against Trump, Le Pen and others, who spread racist propaganda.

That’s my way to honor the people, who lost their lives fighting Hitler fascism.

2 Gedanken zu “The End Of World War II And Its Legacy

  1. But aren’t all super powers at the moment, supporting each regiments like in Iraq everyone was quite when Saddam was using chemical weapons. In Libya Qaddafi almost all European countries are getting favours out of him.

    In Myanmar, Bangladesh and Indian Armed forces atrocities in Occupied Jammu Kashmir, Afghanistan the whole allied forces. In Yemen and Syria now. In Bosnia. In Palestine in the hands of Zionist, In Africa, the wealth of Africa are robbed by all the superpowers.

    All these super power were quite. I blame all leaders of the Nations who support one way or another, and are quiet because of their own vested interest.

    And now I observe not a single citizen of the world are governed but controlled by their respective countries in one way or other.

    So the way I see is the World Leaders are starting another World War. When all the resources are finished.

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